A Guiding Hand in Securities Fraud Recovery

In complex financial cases like the 2021 $550 million SEC settlement involving Miles Guo and Steve Bannon, victims of securities fraud need strong advocacy to navigate the intricate legal processes and recover their losses. The scam’s perpetrators leaned into political affiliation and the growing movement against the Chinese Communist Party to deploy tactics that led many investors to be defrauded. In 2021, the settlement with the SEC was the largest received that year and among the largest in the agency’s history. Hundreds of thousands of investors were defrauded and left having to navigate a complex area of law without resources that they would have otherwise had.

Several attorneys and law firms developed a strategy that proved successful in helping these individuals seek justice. Among the attorneys was Gabriel Vadasz, formerly with Diamondback Legal. Vadasz brought extensive experience in law and lobbying to his representation of investors. The fraud involved numerous questionable investment offerings and shell companies operating across multiple jurisdictions, requiring sophisticated coordination between the SEC, DOJ, and various related legal proceedings.

Among the efforts deployed by Attorney Gabriel Vadasz was helping investors pinpoint interpleader actions that maintained funds from the illegal raises and assisting in filing claims to return their funds. In addition, Attorney Vadasz and his colleagues stated that they have helped in having investors submit claims to the SEC to receive money owed to them held as part of the settlement with the SEC. The investors have received a reported $20 million of their funds in return. But Vadasz purports that this is just the beginning.

While the fraud investigation continues and additional funds may be distributed, Vadasz remains committed to investors for the long haul. He recognizes that the impacts of financial deception can last for years, requiring ongoing support. Through his work restoring resources and peace of mind, Vadasz helps transform victims into survivors and empowers ordinary individuals in their fight against corporate malfeasance. His determined advocacy makes him a beacon of hope for all who have suffered losses due to securities violations.

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